Tuf-Link® Silicone Material is on Promotion right now, right here!
Equal parts comfort and retention for dentures, Tuf-Link is designed to
cushion and stabilize dentures without adhesives in one office visit.

Profin® IPR Tips
The new IPR tips for Profin contra-angles allow interproximal reduction safely and with optimal control: simply choose the tip with the desired thickness. Like all Profin tips, they are harmless on soft (gingival) tissue.

Atlas® Denture Comfort™ Implant
Designed for the stabilization, cushioning and retention of mandibular dentures without housings, o-rings or adhesives.

Dentatus Anew® Implant
This implant fits where no others can! It is ideally used for limited spaces, converging roots, narrow ridges and to maintain soft tissue architecture.

First Fridays @ Dentatus NYC
Join us the first Friday of every month to learn about the expanded indications of Dentatus Narrow-body Implants.
See the Courses page for details and schedule.

Twin Luscent®
A fiberglass post that is a winning combination of light transmission, attractive aesthetics and twice the retention.

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On promotion in April: Tuf-Link here!

Notice to 3M™ ESPE™ MDI Mini Dental Implant customers: As 3M is discontinuing the sale of their MDI Mini Dental Implants, we will accommodate your transition to Dentatus Narrow Body Implants. Please call us at 800-323-3136 to learn more about our system and special pricing.

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