The Profin® Reciprocating System is the instrument of choice for shaping, contouring and polishing natural dentition and cosmetic restorations with easy access and flexibility.
It is also the perfect instrument to remove bulk, interproximal and subgingival residual bonding materials in all parts of the dental arch.

The system comprises a choice of contra/angles and the flat Lamineer® diamond tips, which move in a reciprocating axial direction (1.2 mm stroke).
The Lamineer tips can be set to rotate freely and follow tooth contours naturally, or they can be locked radially for direct and specific modifications.  Because they are flat, the tips are also very thin, which allows optimal access.  The diamond coating is only on one side for safety and control.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and grits.   Plastic and wooden tips are also available for polishing and burnishing.

Examples of Profin applications:
Cosmetic Dentistry
Touch-ups can be performed safely, allowing you to create anatomical shapes for your patient’s esthetics and comfort.
Profin’s gentle mechanical function and reach make it the perfect instrument for dental prophylaxis.  Plastic tips are recommended for scrubbing and polishing.   V-shaped wings collapse to fit fine interdental spaces.
Profin’s reciprocating motion allows for easy interproximal reduction with greater control and efficiency.  The tungsten Lamineer tip quickly cleans up residual ortho cement without scratching healthy enamel.
An outstanding concept for scaling, root-planing and debridement, the Per-io-tor instruments are specially designed to optimize cleaning and planing of the rough root cementum and prevent further removal once the surface is clean and smooth.
CAD-CAM Technology
Whether you are prepping an in-lay or on-lay, refining vertical proximal walls & margins or finishing interproximal contours, you’ll find Profin’s precision an indispensable asset to your CAD-CAM restorations.

Differences between rotary instruments and Profin:

Risk of injury and                   Atraumatic, smooth
groove formation with          preparation with Profin
rotary instruments


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