With smooth anatomically tapered ends, threaded cylindrical surface area and a square head, Dentatus AZtec Titanium Anchors have been designed to fit the modern concepts for retention, retrievability and esthetics.

• Passive: Apical end is smooth, with an anatomical geometry to follow the defines of the root; midsection is parallel and threaded for optimal mechanical retention with cements and luting materials; head is easily adaptable to fit in most crowns.

• Surface Treated: Micro-blasted surface increases the retention by over 200% compared with standard machined surface*. Excellent performance with most cements. The matte surface removes reflections and minimizes see-through effects in the finished restoration.

 Titanium: Titanium is the most versatile and biologically well-accepted metal for dental purposes.

• Adaptable Head: Easily bends and adapts to fit any crowns.


FEATURE: Elongated, tapered end
BENEFIT: Unthreaded long tapered end for the thinnest end of roots satisfies requirements for depth-without-stress

FEATURE: Threaded mid section
BENEFIT: Provides mechanical retention for cements and luting materials. Easy retrievability for re-access

FEATURE: Square head
BENEFIT: Ideal support for core material

FEATURE: Thin T-form extension
BENEFIT: Can be reduced in length and angled to conform to available space for strong wrap around esthetic cores

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