A user-friendly, single office visit solution for restoring compromised thin-walled roots with strong adhesive materials with Trans-Illuminating Post Technology.
All too often, fragile, thin-walled teeth present major restorative problems: cast posts or extractions are the only alternative. But today, there is a user friendly, single office visit solution to this problem.
LUMINEX, a clear, light-transmitting post, polymerizes light-cured composites within the entire root canal. After curing, the LUMINEX post is removed, leaving a ready canal for a corresponding Classic Post.


  • Reinforced Root Strength: Light-cured composites internally reinforce the root structure providing maximum sheer load support and retention.
  • Improved Control: Light-curing composites are easy to control, more adaptive, and safer than auto-cured composites, which may prematurely Harden.
  • Centered Canal Position: The Luminex post technique centers the canal and forms a parallel-sided canal for corresponding Dentatus Classic metal posts.
  • Superior Aesthetics: The light-cured composite inside the canal masks metal posts with a reflective tooth colored foundation for modern restorations.
  • Technique Versatility: Luminex smooth and grooved posts may be also used as an impression and castable post pattern in the direct and indirect fabrication of posts.
  • Superior Delivery System: Selection of Luminex and metal posts in all sizes along with corresponding reamers and components are packaged in a refillable, convenient dispenser


The LUMINEX Posts are delivered in the
One-Stop Dispenser, with compartments for
posts, reamers, accessories,
and gauges for measuring 5 lengths and 6 diameters.
New: the dispensers now feature a non-slip material on the bottom to allow one-hand use.

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