Dentatus is raising the standard of excellence with the Twin Luscent Anchors. This innovative design is your visible assurance against accidental debonding of adhesive and resin-core materials. The slim mid-section creates a “physical choke.” The vent groove eliminates air entrapment and prevents rotational dislocation. The choice of two different ends offers deeper placement in wider or narrower canals. It all adds up to a winning combination of light transmission, attractive esthetics and twice the retention*. Available in 4 diameters to fit large and very narrow canals.

Esthetics Eliminates shadows at the gingival, root and crown interface as well as through thin laminate composite restorations. Reflects the surrounding colors and hues, compatible with natural esthetics.

Monobloc strength Light or dual cure composites bond to the fiberglass reinforced anchors, creating a cohesive, very strong foundation for restorations.

Narrow radial midsection Mechanical resistance seen in the anchor’s midsection provides double retention against accidental debonding of resins and restorative materials.

Double-end alternatives The anchor’s cone-shaped end is used in narrower canals, preventing excess removal of dentin or canal wall. The parallel-end is used in wider canals. The parallel canals can be refined with drills, using parallel-canal post techniques.

Longitudinal vent-groove Eliminates trapped air bubbles and porosity. Additionally, the vent-groove creates an anti-rotational resistance in the surrounding polymerized resin material.

Low modulus of elasticity (20.1 Gpa) The Anchor’s elasticity is within the range of healthy teeth, providing safety and cohesive resistance to impact.

Flexural Strength (579 Mpa) The Anchor’s flexural strength is within the range of healthy teeth, outperforming metal posts.

Convenient Compatible for use with most light- cured adhesives and resins.

Fast The one-stop procedure of simultaneously luting the anchor and building a monobloc core with dual-cure materials is economical and highly effective.

Versatile The Twin Luscent introductory kits come in different configurations with assorted sizes. Each introductory kit includes matching reamers and light transmitting forms-to-fit retainers for cores. The refill kits contain 15 anchors in 1 size.


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*Al-Harbi & Nathanson, Boston U. Presented at AAED/IFED MTG, 10/3/02

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